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Welcome to Journey Church!

cross-and-flame-color-1108x2000What’s a typical Journey person look like?  Well … we look like YOU.

We’re young and old and we come from all walks of life.  We welcome all people. We don’t check your ID, the make-up of your family, your tax returns, your political affiliation, or require a test for you to be part of our family! All are welcome in this place.

I Am Journey …


Jen Salta

My name is Jen and I am Journey. If you see me out and about in our little city, you’ll see me scurrying around – sometimes herding kids, sometimes distracted, but always just trying to get through the day without forgetting anything or saying words my children shouldn’t hear. Balance has never been one of […]

Latest News and Notes!

It’s summertime! For those of…

It’s summertime! For those of us in sunny Arizona, summer means trying to find a cool spot in the shade (or in a pool), prayers for our air conditioners to hold out and vacations. For many around these parts, that means going someplace cooler for the weekends – like “up north” or the beach! Summer is […]

collage of youth preparing emergency kits for the homeless

Learning Together!

Learning is better together! That’s just part of what 10 of our Journey youth have been learning over the past weeks. The kids, ages 10-13, are learning teamwork, how to navigate the Bible, and what it means to be part of a church family. Along the way, they’ve learned about each other, the church, issues […]

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