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What’s a typical Journey person look like?  Well … we look like YOU.

We’re young and old and we come from all walks of life.  We welcome all people. We don’t check your ID, the make-up of your family, your tax returns, your political affiliation, or require a test for you to be part of our family! All are welcome in this place.

Latest News and Notes!

Photo of Pastor Terry Kim.

Thinking about Discipline

Take some time to read Hebrews 12:4-6. Reading these verses in Hebrews reminds us to be steadfast in our faith, against all challenges and temptations. Discipline is not a popular topic nowadays, however it is crucial not only for children and young people but for all of us. In times of peace and happiness, we…

Photo of Pastor Terry Kim.

Overpopulation and Loneliness

Loneliness might be a bigger health problem than smoking or obesity. According to researchers at Brigham Young University, the subjective feeling of loneliness increased one’s chances of death by 26%. Our emotions have a physical effect on our health, and there’s a practical reason for this. Human beings are the most socially dependent creatures on…

Photo of Pastor Terry Kim.

Take Risks

  There’s a well-known expression, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” In essence this means we can never gain anything of value or achieve much without taking risks. According to the internet site “The Phrase Finder”, the quote is very similar to a 14th century French proverb Qui onques rien n’enprist riens n’achieva, translated “he who never undertook…

Photo of Pastor Terry Kim.

Uncertain Times

Hoover Dam is drying up. The water level of Lake Mead, the water source for the dam, is at an all-time low, just around 1000 feet in depth. Particularly disconcerting is the visible water ring surrounding the top of the Hoover Dam wall, a somber reminder of how much the water level has dropped since…

Practice Patience. Keep Watch.

I don’t know about you, but Advent is something I’ve had to grow into. More accurately, perhaps, it’s a season I’m still growing into. I can remember lighting the candles in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I remember beautiful services leading up to Christmas Eve by candlelight. However, my memories are all pretty much…

Photo of Pastor Terry Kim.

The Meaning of Thanksgiving

As we approach Thanksgiving Sunday, we would do well to remember and consider the true meaning of Thanksgiving and the words “thank you”. Aside from its more popular definition as a national holiday, Thanksgiving means an outpouring of gratitude, especially to God. Regrettably, words like as “thank you” have a tendency to lose a lot…


This morning after service, I had a conversation. During the conversation, we chatted about what music selections would be chosen for the next couple of Sunday services. I mentioned that we were in the odd time just before Thanksgiving and the beginning of Advent. While there is a plan in place for music over the coming…

Diverse and Casual People and Togetherness Concept


There are few things that make my heart smile like folks connecting with kids. There’s something about the energy that’s created when people of different ages connect with each other that I don’t feel like we can ever get enough of. The carnival Journey puts on for the kiddos at Casa Blanca Community School is…

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