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Potluck this Sunday

This weekend, we will engage in a popular United Methodist tradition: a potluck! Bring a dish to share — we will provide the utensils, drinks and paper goods. We will work on ensuring that the football game is being streamed, if only on a small screen, and we will enjoy some time together. Kim Parrot of the United Methodist Foundation will be with us to present something on planned giving and wills. Please consider joining us for some casual fellowship time together.

I happen to believe that Jesus’ feeding of the multitudes was a potluck. Certainly there was bread and fish, enough for all present. However, I think those present dipped into their bags and grabbed the apple they planned to snack on later, the almonds they were saving for the travel home, the bit of chocolate they were going to use to keep their children happy on the trip, and they shared. That’s what a potluck is all about — sharing what you already have. It gives us a taste of God’s kingdom — there is always more than enough for those present!