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Moving On …

Top View of Sneakers on the grass with the text: Big Journeys Begin With Small StepsIs this fall? Some of it seems like fall. I think of this time of year as the time of “moving on”.

Every year at this time, our kids are scrambling to get the last of the school supplies they will need, the latest in fashion and foot wear or the new uniforms they will need for the new school year. Haircuts, school physicals (shots where applicable), dental checkups, and eye exams often round out preparations for the start of the new school year. Then, it’s off to Meet the Teacher Night where and kids and parents flock to the assigned/chosen schools for an evening of, what I call, organized chaos.

I had the experience of being part of the Meet the Teacher Night at Akimel Middle School, where my granddaughter will attend this year. WOW! That is one big school. 1200 kids will attend school there this year. Sixth, seventh and eighth grades are housed in that building. The school has an A+ rating. But it’s so BIG.

Did I mention that it is BIG? Two floors, 1200 students. But, I must also say, the teachers, school Police Resource Officer, the volunteers and many, many students that we met were all polite and so eager to get back to school and get started on their new year. WOW!

My granddaughter is facing this moving on activity with eager anticipation about many things and a small amount of fear and anxiousness about how it will all work out. What are the expectations, the rules, and the parameters? What happens if she misses the bus? Will there be anytime for fun? (Kids at heart, right?)

I decided to tell her that all of the other kids you see in high school and college, young adults like her parent, and even older adults (like her grandparents) have all gone this route and survived. I told her, too, that my days in school were some of the happiest times – filled with good experiences, great teachers and the forming of new long lasting friendships. I also decided to use the information that Rev. Jeri gave us last Sunday . . . embrace knowledge. It is something that no one can take away from you. You will always have it at your fingertips.

We too, Journey congregation and our new Pastor Terry Kim are in a season of “moving on”. I think we, the congregation, have the easier end of this deal.Terry and Ivanka Kim

Terry and his wife Ivanka had to move from the northwest, find a house, get settled and get ready to begin their next moving on experience. Everything down here is new to them. Arizona, Maricopa, housing, summer air conditioning, school schedules, shopping, jobs, oh and let us not forget our infamous Highway 347. But they are a strong, young couple that will bring new life experiences and Christian education to us. Spiritual food for our souls. Let us be sure to share our passion for Journey church with them as we welcome them this Sunday August 7th and help them acclimate to our area and this season of moving on.