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Photo of Pastor Terry Kim.

Taking Things for Granted

There’s a company called Oliver’s Travels that offers luxury wedding packages in the southern area of France. As part of their services, the company even guarantees a sunny day. For the “small” price of $150,000, Oliver’s Travels will fly planes near the wedding venue and spray silver iodide into the clouds, scattering them and drastically reducing the chances of rain. Needless to say, this is a steep price tag for one day of good weather.Viticulture The Sun That Ripens The Grapes

How much do we value sunny days? Living out here in Arizona, we might take the sunny days for granted; Arizona is the sunniest state, getting around 280 to 300 days of sun per year. Sure, we may dread the heat of the summer months (and rightly so), but in certain parts of the world, and on certain occasions like weddings, sunny days are greatly desired and appreciated. Just ask my wife who lived in London for 7 years.

If we’re honest, we sometimes take God’s blessings for granted. Much like our sunny days, having too much of something means we undervalue it. How many times do we wake up each day (a blessing in itself) and forget to thank God for His blessings; our daily bread, our homes, our families, friends, and health? How often do we remember what a privilege it is to live in a country where we can freely gather together as a church, without the fear of persecution?

So today, I’d like to provide a reminder, to never take our blessings for granted. Let’s always remember to be thankful for God’s gift of those “sunny days”. God bless everyone!