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Photo of Pastor Terry Kim.

World Communion Sunday

wcs_share_care_081516-15For this blog entry, I’d like to look at the topic of Christian unity.

October 2nd … World Communion Sunday. A day described by the National Council of Churches as a time to “promote Christian unity and ecumenical cooperation” among Christian churches worldwide. At the center of World Communion Sunday is the observance of the Eucharist, or the sacrament of Holy Communion, wherein we come together as one community of believers to remember Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

One of the key points in celebrating World Communion Sunday is the idea of the shared fellowship all Christians have in Christ. Indeed, the word “communion” itself comes from the Latin communis, meaning common. When we commune with one another as believers, we’re recognizing our shared belief and faith in God’s gift of salvation to the world. This is what all Christians have in common, and despite our many differences (denominations, theologies, and church governance, etc.) we know that we have a commonality in our celebration of the Holy Communion.

So let’s never forget that we are one church family in Christ.