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Get Your Fellowship On

What do you think of when you think of fellowship? What images come to mind?

Do you see the table full of food that seems to magically appear when the word potluck is spoken? Do you see groups of folks from your church family chatting and laughing before and after church? Do you think about a small group, perhaps a Bible study, that you are engaged in? Does your mind picture an online space where folks share and support each other irrespective of physical (and maybe even cultural) geography? Or … something else entirely?

word Sunday design by white letterpress with box paper hang on rope by wooden peg over metal net and brown wooden background, vignette effect.In his sermon on October 30, Terry shared that the word fellowship is a translation of a Greek word that calls us to be in fellowship with Jesus – an inner relationship that focusing on spiritual unity with Christ. When we have a relationship with Christ, we also have a relationship with others in Christ – we are part of the body of Christ. We are to be united in Christan Fellowship.

In listening and reading, it’s clear that fellowship is an action verb. It’s not a passive thing that we casually do. It’s conscious and purposeful … and sometimes hard. One writer put it this way,

It is not “being in” or “being part”, but it is “doing with” Christ. It is our partnership with Christ in fulfulling God’s will.

So if fellowship puts us in active partnership in order to fulfill God’s will, what does it look like? What must we do to create fellowship opportunities? How do our more social or informal fellowship experiences measure up? Are there things we need to do or change to actively practice fellowship?

I’ll be considering this personally over the course of the coming weeks. If you’d like to consider with me, here are some questions that I will be pondering.

  • How am I currently in fellowship with others in ways that glorify God?
  • What spiritual gifts or natural abilities do I have that could be used to help the Church the most?
  • What are some non-traditional fellowship opportunities?

Do you think I missed any good starters? If so, leave them in the comments!

I’m certain that this exercise will lead me down several interesting paths! Isn’t that was a great sermon is meant to spark?

I’m going to get my fellowship on! Join me!

Blessings and grace,