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Diverse and Casual People and Togetherness Concept


There are few things that make my heart smile like folks connecting with kids. There’s something about the energy that’s created when people of different ages connect with each other that I don’t feel like we can ever get enough of. The carnival Journey puts on for the kiddos at Casa Blanca Community School is one of those amazing events where, at the end of the day, it’s really hard to tell who was impacted more – the kids or the adults who visited for a day of fun.

There’s so much that could be said about this event, but I think it’s best to let the pictures to most of the talking!

This event doesn’t go off without a LOT of planning and effort … and a LOT of folks volunteering to support it.¬†Many thanks to Deb Richmond, Carol Steinke , Phyllis Conlon, Joselyn Moralez, Ken Bramer, Ivanka Kim, Gordon & Carol Risa, Bev Patek, Jenny Caouette, Connie Hancock, Doris Henderson, Terry Kim, and Ben & Becky Johnson. Also … big thank you to John Lower and First Tee of Phoenix for coming out to spend the day!

Blessings and grace!