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The Meaning of Thanksgiving

As we approach Thanksgiving Sunday, we would do well to remember and consider the true meaning of Thanksgiving and the words “thank you”.

Thank You Word Cloud in vector format

Aside from its more popular definition as a national holiday, Thanksgiving means an outpouring of gratitude, especially to God.

Regrettably, words like as “thank you” have a tendency to lose a lot of its meaning, especially considering the frequency at which we use the words in today’s society. We say thank you for almost everything, from someone holding a door for us to receiving change from a cashier.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that, we should say thank you as often as we can. It’s polite, and we all like to hear those words. But when saying thank you becomes almost habitual, like a reflex action, I can’t help but feel that it loses some of its meaning. How do we say thank you and really, truly mean it, especially in giving thanks to God?

In the Bible, we see that such an expression of gratitude was an act of worship, and we say thank you to our creator by living out that worship. Through actions, not words. It may be helpful to think of some ways that we can show our heartfelt expressions of thanksgiving to God during this holiday season.


God bless everyone!