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Photo of Pastor Terry Kim.

Uncertain Times

Hoover Dam is drying up. The water level of Lake Mead, the water source for the dam, is at an all-time low, just around 1000 feet in depth. Particularly disconcerting is the visible water ring surrounding the top of the Hoover Dam wall, a somber reminder of how much the water level has dropped since the dam’s construction in 1931.

What’s the reason for the sudden loss of water? Officials point to a decade-long drought in the Southwest region coupled with an increase in water demand from businesses and residents. The outlook for the future isn’t good; if this trend continues, officials may have to declare a shortage and limit water usage in the area. Needless to say, this would be a frightening reality for the nearly 20 million residents who would be affected by the water emergency.  Life is full of uncertainties. Tragedy could strike us at any moment and we know that dire situations, like the Hoover Dam, are far too common. But we know that despite uncertain times, we can always rely on God.

Scripture says in Psalm 121:5, “The Lord watches over you– the Lord is your shade at your right hand”. While we know that bad things happen, even to believers, God is ultimately in control and will watch over us, like the ever-present shadow at our right hand. God is never far away if we’ll seek Him in those times of great uncertainty. Let’s be encouraged by God’s word at the beginning of this New Year, and let’s remember that God will always be with us in 2017.