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Photo of Pastor Terry Kim.

Overpopulation and Loneliness

Loneliness might be a bigger health problem than smoking or obesity. According to researchers at Brigham Young University, the subjective feeling of loneliness increased one’s chances of death by 26%. Our emotions have a physical effect on our health, and there’s a practical reason for this. Human beings are the most socially dependent creatures on this planet; we were not created to live in isolation from one another.

From the very beginning in Genesis 2:18, God says it is not good for Adam to alone, and created Eve as a companion. When it comes to the essentials, we need food, water, shelter, and company. We need each other. I believe this is especially true for Christians, as our spiritual survival and God-given mission depends on our ability to congregate and work together. We love, worship, and live as a united gathering of believers. No one is called to be a church by herself or himself, we are in this journey together.