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Photo of Pastor Terry Kim.

Thinking about Discipline

Take some time to read Hebrews 12:4-6.

Reading these verses in Hebrews reminds us to be steadfast in our faith, against all challenges and temptations. Discipline is not a popular topic nowadays, however it is crucial not only for children and young people but for all of us. In times of peace and happiness, we easily forget about the suffering of countless people, martyrs and our faithful brothers and sisters in Christ, who often give their lives in service to God. They are powerful examples of what men and women of Godly faith and discipline can accomplish. Indeed, following Christ requires a tremendous amount of love and trust, but also steadfast willpower and discipline. It can sometimes be an impossible task for us, as mere sinners, to accomplish. This is why Jesus left us His Spirit, The Holy Spirit, to give us strength so we can endure anything. He is always there for us to call upon, in times of testing and trouble. When we, like children, are being chastised by our Heavenly Father, let’s always remember to receive and learn from it.

God bless everyone!