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Image of Pastor Gary Williams.

Gary Williams

Gary has been the pastor at Journey since July 1, 2019. He and his wife, Ann, were married in October 2002 after the death of his previous wife. They are a reverse Brady Bunch family in that Ann has three sons and Gary has four daughters. 

His passions in ministry include music, preaching, teaching and planning special worship services. Life is messy and sometimes painful. No one can avoid the grief and loss that happens in our lives. What we do to help one another get through difficult times can be complex, yet it can be so simple. As people of faith committed to healing and wholeness, sometimes we can just show up and reach out. Other times, we offer words of comfort or a listening ear.

Being a Methodist in the Desert Southwest Conference is easy for Gary and is very compatible with his theology. He believes that the Great Commandment tells us that all people are worthy of God’s love. Gary comes from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the land of humidity, mosquitos, tornadoes, and hail!  (He and Ann love the desert!) He received a BSBA from the University of Texas at Dallas. His first career was in the banking industry. He worked with the top 50 banks in the country to automate their operations departments.

During his first retirement in 2014, Gary was introduced to Community Theater and starred in the musical Anything Goes in the role of Moonface Martin. Since then, he has appeared in several other stage productions including Nana’s Naughty Knickers, Zombies From the Beyond, Dead Man’s Cell Phone, The Odd Couple, Murders at Grey’s Hound Mansion and scenes from Guys and Dolls

If you are in town for a weekend or for a lifetime, Pastor Gary and Journey welcomes you.